Aucma Biomedical is a high-tech supplier of medical equipment and experimental equipment that provides samples, vaccines, blood, drug safety storage and biosafety for the medical, scientific research, pharmaceutical and other industries. It is committed to providing global users with biological storage automation and intelligence, Information-based multi-scenario comprehensive solutions. Since its establishment, relying on the advantages of Aucma's national technology center in refrigeration technology, numerical control technology and intelligent integration technology, environmental protection, etc., aiming at domestic and foreign research and medical equipment markets, it has obtained the "People's Republic of China Medical Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise License" , "People's Republic of China Medical Device Registration Certificate".

The company's products include 10 categories and 40 types of blood bank refrigerators, pharmacy refrigerators, freezer refrigerators, ultra-low temperature refrigerators, ultra-low temperature refrigerators, freezers, refrigerators, and incubators. The medical technology equipment produced is widely used in pharmaceuticals, reagents and biological refrigeration products in scientific research institutions, medical care, bioengineering, pharmacies, pharmaceutical factories, blood banks, health centers, disease prevention centers and veterinary stations. At present, biomedical products and solutions have served more than 70 countries and regions around the world, and it is a high-quality supplier of WHO's global procurement.

In 2014, to help strengthen the refrigerated vaccine supply chain—the “cold chain”—in underserved regions, AUCMA and Global Good have partnered to provide Arktek. Both parties share the same value that saves the children by vaccination for underserve region. In Jan 2015, Arktek acquired WHO-Pre-PQS. Now Arktek move to commercialization stage to demonstrate its essentiality to benefit the people with technologies.