The production and sales of comparable products in China have consistently held the top position in the refrigerator market for 18 consecutive years


The refrigerated and frozen display cabinet was recognized as the national manufacturing single champion product


No. The sales volume of refrigerated trucks leads the industry


Ranked among the top 3 in the ultra-low temperature freezer and biomedical cold chain products industry

Research institutions

The company has two nationally recognized laboratories. In 2016, it won the Key Laboratory of low temperature refrigeration technology of China light industry. It is an authoritative laboratory with performance experiment and safety certification. It has refrigerator laboratory, commercial laboratory, reliability laboratory, EMC laboratory, noise laboratory, material laboratory, packaging laboratory, etc. It adopts international advanced hardware and software, The laboratory personnel have rich experience in the evaluation of refrigeration products. It has high-end R & D equipment, fully automated production equipment, a full set of the world's most advanced testing equipment and advanced information support system.

National Enterprise Technology Center

National Postdoctoral research workstation

National Industrial Design Center

Qingdao Key Laboratory of ultra low temperature refrigeration technology

Key Laboratory of low temperature refrigeration technology of China Light Industry

Qingdao commercial cold chain Engineering Research Center

Shandong commercial cold chain engineering technology research center

Qingdao commercial cold chain industry technology innovation strategic alliance

Shandong commercial cold chain intelligent control and refrigeration module engineering research center

Qingdao Aucma intelligent cold chain international science and technology cooperation base

New energy household appliances Laboratory

Director unit of Qingdao Internet of things Association

Laboratory resources

AUCMA's total investment of 10.7 million dollars of global experimental measurement and control center, the use of the Internet and Big Data technology, real-time monitoring and collection of test data of the company's global laboratories, covering Huangdao, Qingdao, Henan, Guangzhou, Indonesia, Nigeria and other test centers, the detection scope covers refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, display cabinets, smart cold chain, smart home and other products of the whole machine and parts testing. The testing project involves more than 350 tests such as performance, safety, structure, electrical, software engineering, product reliability, and simulated users.

EMC Labs

Type laboratory

Air conditioning

Noise Laboratory

Part double 85 test
box area Laboratory

Long term operation laboratory /
simulated user Laboratory

Scientific research team

In the past 3 years, the company has developed a total of 268 new products and new technologies included in 32 national key new product research and development projects,61 projects have won provincial (ministerial) and municipal science and technology progress awards and technological invention awards, etc. The company has more than 3,300 patents, including 960 invention patents.

In 1992, Aucma freezer won the best-selling domestic product - Golden Bridge Award

In 1993, Aucma won the national advanced collective of light industry system

In 1995, Aucma became the "king of electric freezers in China"

Aucma won the honor of "flower of Chinese national economy"

In 2000, the sales volume of freezers in the Chinese market ranked first

2001 - quality exemption certificate

2001 - excellent refrigerator brand

2002 - Chinese famous brand products

2003 - Gold Award for the protection of the ozone layer

2003 - high tech Enterprises

2004 - Inspection Exemption Certificate of electric freezer

2005 - China freezer brand

2005 - famous brand of electric water heater in China

2005 - product quality exemption certificate

2005 - the first refrigerator sales in the national market

2005 - brand of special household appliances for the Embassy in China

2007 - brands that have the most impact on Chinese people's consumption

Aucma National Enterprise Technology Center

Five star brand certification

2016 - national industrial brand cultivation demonstration enterprise

2018 - China's 500 most valuable brands

2019 - China's top 100 light industry enterprises

Top 500 Asian brands

China’s 500 most valuable brands

China’s 500 most valuable brands

China’s 500 most valuable brands