Smart home appliance

Aucma's small home appliance industry is one of the core pillar industries of Aucma. The product categories cover more than ten categories such as water heaters, kitchen appliances, household appliances, and environmental appliances. The product line covers three scenarios: kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Range hoods, gas stoves, electric water heaters, gas water heaters, steam ovens, disinfection cabinets, Integrated stoves, showers, toilets, water purifiers, tea bar machines, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and other small appliances.

The company adheres to market orientation, strengthens technological innovation, and successfully launched air fryer popular products, with single product sales exceeding 100 million yuan; constant temperature water heaters, T-tower cross-border smoke stove linkage range hoods have obtained a number of technology and appearance patents, And successfully launched dual-chamber shunt, smoke stove linkage, steam cleaning, top-side dual-suction range hood, super energy efficiency, high firepower, super energy-saving gas stove; healthy magnetization zero cold water gas water heater, multi-functional electric steam oven, washing machine A series of smart appliances that are at the forefront of the market, such as bowl machines, ultra-large flow water purifiers, and reverse customized tea bar machines.

The company adheres to the strategy of "intelligent ecological home in the whole house", strengthens technological innovation, takes user experience as the starting point for corporate decision-making and actions, integrates internal and external resources, explores innovative smart home products, and becomes a leader in overall smart home solutions.

At the 2020 China Kitchen and Bath Industry Innovation and Development Summit, the Aucma Sky Arc Series Al smart range hood won the "2020 China Kitchen and Bath Industry Science and Technology Innovation Award", and the Aucma water outlet and electric water heater won the "2020 China Kitchen and Bath Industry Best-Selling Word of Mouth Award".