Ice and snow "enterprise" relationship | Snow can also be made at a high temperature of 35 ℃, revealing the "Qingdao wisdom" in the Winter Olympics ski hall
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The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is about to open, and there are many products made in Qingdao in the important competitions and training venues of the Winter Olympics snow sports. The indoor U-groove ski stadium built in Chongli, Hebei Province, which is the world's first largest indoor U-groove ski stadium that can meet international standards, has been put into use recently. It took 3 months. Aucma, a Qingdao company, provided refrigeration, dehumidification, The fresh air supply system has overcome a number of technical difficulties, and the plan has been approved at one time. In addition, the company is the first to create professional snowmaking equipment that can achieve snowmaking functions under all-season conditions in China, that is, the ambient temperature is within 35°C. Why is this company, what kind of innovation story is behind it, the reporter will reveal the secret for you.

Technical breakthrough:

One pass of the plan, using high fiber nano air duct

Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province has been identified as an important competition and training venue for snow sports in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. In order to ensure the training intensity of athletes and maintain training conditions under high temperature conditions, the General Administration of Sports of the People's Republic of China has decided to build an indoor U.S. Tank venue, Aucma won the bid for the venue's refrigeration, dehumidification and other system solutions with its rich experience and advanced technology in refrigeration.

Appearance of the largest indoor U-slot stadium

"This is the world's first largest indoor U-slot venue that can meet international standards, and it has been put into use. Previously, athletes were trained outdoors where there is more snow in the world." said Wang Mingyi, general manager of Aucma Smart Cold Chain Business Department. I am very proud to be involved in such a major project. When the outdoor temperature is 35 degrees Celsius, the indoor temperature can also reach minus 15 degrees Celsius. Not only does it achieve a good cooling effect, but through innovative technology, athletes can still train inside. To achieve a very comfortable feeling, through the integration and innovation of many technologies such as refrigeration, dehumidification, fresh air system, environmental protection, energy saving, etc., it perfectly meets the needs of competition training, and the plan has been approved by experts at one time.

Indoor refrigeration system

The reason why the scheme can be approved at one time is because it has overcome many technical problems. "In order to achieve flexible air supply, the latest 360° circulation three-dimensional flexible bag air duct is adopted, so that the cold air of each evaporator can pass through the cloth bag evenly and softly. It fills the entire venue space, effectively reduces the noise of the equipment, and improves the overall comfort of the venue." Song Wanqiang, engineering and technical director of Aucma Smart Cold Chain Division, pointed to the fiber holes on the cloth bag air duct and showed it to reporters. Soft, try to support it, different from ordinary cloth bags, this is a high-fiber nano-air duct.

In response to the national strategic policy of "carbon neutrality", the company applied the new environmentally friendly refrigerant R448A to ski resorts for the first time, reducing operating costs and energy consumption, effectively improving energy efficiency by 15%, and saving 1 million kWh of electricity annually. "We also applied an industrial-grade variable frequency rotary dehumidifier. The air undergoes heat recovery, three-stage filtration, front and rear surface cooling, rotary dehumidification, and ultraviolet disinfection to ensure that fresh and low-temperature air is sent into the field." Wang Mingyi said that in order to Make the project perfect, even without counting the cost.

Remote control system

"Look, this is the running situation of the Zhangjiakou stadium, and we can monitor it in real time." In the Aucma Industrial Park located in the West Coast New Area, Song Wanqiang clicked on the remote monitoring system for the U-shaped stadium project of the Chongli Plateau Training Base on his mobile phone. The situation flashes on the mobile phone, "Using the technology of the Internet of Things, we can not only monitor, but also perform remote control, real-time adjustment of various technical parameters of temperature, humidity and alarm failure, and the real-time temperature adjustment is accurate to 0.01 ℃, which can meet the different needs of athletes. Temperature requirements to escort athletes."

Construction research:

Working at heights with a slope of 45 degrees, wearing 5 pairs of shoes in a month

"As soon as the construction starts, we will meet the construction period, and we will build the road while we are building." Wang Mingyi, general manager of Aucma Smart Cold Chain Business Department, said that at most, more than 60 people in the team rely on it. In July, the company started an emergency production plan for refrigeration, dehumidification, and fresh air equipment, and worked overtime to produce. On August 22, the company officially entered the project construction site. The first batch of equipment arrived at the site and was installed. In addition to topography and other factors, the rainstorm also increased the difficulty of construction. The team overcame the difficulties and carried out construction and installation day and night, shortening the original 120-day construction period to 90 days.

Appearance of the largest indoor U-slot stadium

"Some of the construction slopes reach 45 degrees and are more than 100 meters away from the ground. Such slope construction is rare." Song Wanqiang, engineering technical director of Aucma Smart Cold Chain Business Department, said that when encountering difficulties, he would try to overcome them one by one. For example, the high-altitude installation of flexible air ducts is to be installed by suspending people to become "Spider-Man". Just after the last problem was solved, the thorny problem of how to transport the equipment up the slope was put in front of the team again. "Because the slope is relatively steep, the spider car slipped down halfway." Song Wanqiang and his companions were so worried, they didn't sleep well all night until they came up with a solution to put "iron shoes" on the spider car, which increased the connection between the spider car and the ground. The contact area of the device was successfully sent to the slope.

Appearance of the largest indoor U-slot stadium

He is covered in mud every day, and it rains as soon as the sun goes out. Every day he goes uphill and downhill for inspections, and he walks back and forth on the steel bars, at least 10,000 steps. Song Wanqiang wears five pairs of shoes in a month. The top and the toes are full of blood stasis." Song Wanqiang recalled the experience of the past few months and felt that he admired everyone's professionalism, "It is the spirit of dedication and responsibility of the enterprise, which supports us to produce high-quality products. Demonstrate the strength of Made in Qingdao and Made in China, and win the world's respect for 'Made in China'."

The hard work pays off, and the relevant state departments affirmed the project quality and use effect during the inspection, and praised the professionalism of the Aucma team.


The first domestic professional snow making equipment under all-season conditions

Aucma not only provided refrigeration, dehumidification and fresh air supply systems for the indoor U-groove venue in Chongli, but also provided snowmaking solutions for another training base.

The Snow Sports Training Camp Base of the State Sports General Administration in Weichang County, Chengde City, Hebei Province is an important training base for the snow sports athletes of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Since March 2021, with the increase in temperature, the original snow making machines cannot make snow in the outdoor environment above -5℃, and the snow stored in the training camp has shown signs of accelerated melting, which has seriously affected the athletes' performance. Normal training requires modification of training facilities.

Dehumidification and fresh air sterilization equipment

"I led the team to live at the site for seven days at that time. In view of the fact that the snow gallery and disc cannot be snow-making in an environment above -5°C and the temperature in the snow gallery is not up to standard, I made a summer snow-making reserve for the snow project training camp base. Snow solutions and cold therapy equipment solutions." said Wang Mingyi, general manager of Aucma Smart Cold Chain Business Unit.

After research and development, Aucma is the first professional snow making equipment that can realize snow making function under all-season conditions in China, that is, the ambient temperature is within 35 ℃. The high-speed centrifugal equipment makes snow efficiently and is not affected by the venue and season, and fully meets the snow requirements for ice and snow competitions and training.

Indoor refrigeration system

Aucma donated a 40-ton high-temperature snow making machine worth 1.7 million yuan to the State Sports General Administration, which is used for snow making in the snow corridor of Chengde Weichang County National Training Camp Base in summer, which reflects the support for the Beijing Winter Olympics and the support of state-owned enterprises. take responsibility.

"A trough repairer commented on the spot that the snow made by our snow making machine is the closest to natural snow." Wang Mingyi is full of confidence in the company's technology, and the snow making equipment has also obtained relevant patents.

"There is no best, only better", to create the first competitiveness in the main refrigeration industry. After more than 30 years of development, Aucma has the world's leading refrigeration core technology, and has 2000 patents in more than a dozen technical fields such as low temperature, energy saving, and the Internet of Things. remainder.

While Aucma provides refrigeration and snowmaking solutions for the Winter Olympics, it undoubtedly demonstrates the contribution made by Qingdao to the Science and Technology Olympics, demonstrates the resilience and innovation of Made in Qingdao, and enhances the international status and image of Made in China.


Fengkou Financial Reporter Lou Hua