Aucma provides refrigeration, snowmaking and cold therapy solutions for the Winter Olympics
Time : 2022-04-18  See: 7388

The 24th Beijing Winter Olympics is not only a fierce competition for sports competitions, but also a wonderful display of various "black technologies" in my country. Aucma is one of them, providing refrigeration, snowmaking, cold therapy, etc. for this Winter Olympics Technological solutions have attracted widespread attention from all walks of life.

Before the meeting, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province was identified as an important competition and training venue for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics snow sports. Lily built the indoor U-shaped slot venue project, and conducted project construction bidding in related enterprises at home and abroad. With its rich experience and advanced technology in refrigeration, Aucma won the bid for system solutions such as refrigeration, dehumidification and fresh air supply for the venue. The program integrates a number of technological innovations and breakthroughs, and was approved by experts at one time.

After the hard work of Aucma and other units, the U-groove stadium in Chongli District has become the world's first indoor U-groove training base that meets the standards of international competitions and has all-weather conditions, and it has become an important training and competition venue for the Winter Olympics skiing athletes. . Relevant state departments fully affirmed the quality of the project and the use effect when conducting the acceptance assessment of the project, and spoke highly of the professionalism and superb technology of the Aucma project construction team.

At the same time, Aucma also provided snow making plans for the snow sports training camp base of the General Administration of Sports in Weichang County, Chengde City, and donated 40 tons of high-temperature snow making equipment worth 1.7 million yuan. This equipment is the first professional snow-making equipment in China under all-season conditions, which can realize the snow-making function within the ambient temperature of 35 °C, and meet the snow requirements for ice and snow competitions and training.

In addition, Aucma also provided a portable cryogenic cryotherapy cabin for the Winter Olympics for athletes to quickly recover their physical fitness, which enables athletes to stimulate the body through the sudden drop in temperature caused by nitrogen vapor in the cabin at -80°C to -140°C. Thermoreceptors, in order to promote the recovery and operation of the body's blood circulatory system, nervous circulatory system and energy supply system, to relieve muscle fatigue and soreness of athletes.

[Source: Dazhong Newspaper. Peninsula Network]