Aucma 20,000 water heaters rushed to help the construction of makeshift hospitals
Time : 2022-04-18  See: 410

Recently, in the face of the spread of the epidemic in many places, in order to ensure the prevention and control of the epidemic, the construction projects of local cabin hospitals are imminent. Aucma Smart Home quickly rushed to the front line of anti-epidemic, and undertaken emergency water heater installation projects in more than 20 districts and counties in Binzhou, Dezhou, Jinan, Zibo and other places in Shandong.

Since March, more than 20,000 Aucma water heaters have been delivered to cabin hospitals in Binzhou, Dezhou, Zibo, Jinan and other places successively.

On March 6, Aucmalu North Center received an urgent supply of 1,700 water heaters for Fangcang shelter hospitals in Lingcheng District and Qingyun District, Dezhou. The smart home business department responded quickly, contacted the warehouse, and quickly distributed the goods. After 2 hours of emergency stocking, 6 hours of continuous loading and unloading, 1,700 water heaters were safely dispatched. More than 30 hours of starry night assistance, accompanied by sparks all the way, in the early morning of March 8, the 1,700 water heaters that assisted the Fangcang shelter hospitals in Lingcheng District and Qingyun area of Dezhou arrived successfully and completed the delivery.

The installation task is tight and heavy. In the face of the special installation environment of the Fangcang cabin hospital, Aucma Smart Home has arranged a professional and experienced after-sales installation team of more than 30 people. According to the actual situation, different installation plans are set, and the division of labor and cooperation , and finally successfully completed the installation work in the early morning of the fifth day, and Aucma's services have also been recognized by many parties.

At the same time, Zibo, Binzhou, Jining, Yantai Longkou and other places have also successively received orders for water heaters in local cabin hospitals.

From Zhanhua in Binzhou to Dezhou to Zibo, Aucma has always been on the front line of epidemic prevention. The delivery task of more than 20,000 Aucma water heaters this time provides guarantee for the water supply of many cabin hospitals in Shandong. The rapidity, efficiency, initiative, and dedication of Aucma people in the anti-epidemic work have practiced the Aucma spirit and contributed to the epidemic. Prevention and control contribute to the strength of the enterprise.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Aucma has fulfilled its social responsibilities with practical actions, and has always been on the front line of anti-epidemic assistance. It has successively provided water heaters for the construction projects of cabin hospitals in Xinjiang, Hubei, Fujian and other places. Aucma has a good reputation in the industry for its excellent quality. The Aucma people who have a mission and take the initiative to take responsibility will never back down in the face of the epidemic, and think of, walk and stand together with the people of the whole country. Make concerted efforts to overcome difficulties, fulfill the mission of state-owned enterprises, shoulder social responsibilities, and provide necessary living guarantees for epidemic prevention and control.