Aucma's Portable Cryogenic Cryotherapy Chamber Helps Olympic Athletes
Time : 2022-04-18  See: 734

n previous Olympic Games, the video of some athletes soaking in ice water after the game made many friends feel relatively fresh. In fact, the practice of ice bathing after the game has been popular in the sports world for a long time. It is an effective measure to quickly eliminate muscle fatigue after strenuous exercise. It allows the damaged capillaries to contract rapidly, thereby reducing muscle soreness and inflammation.

The wide application of ultra-low temperature cold therapy technology in foreign countries has also greatly increased the demand for sports in China. At the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the "Portable Cryogenic Cryotherapy Cabin" developed by Aucma Biomedical has attracted great attention.

Aucma portable cryogenic cryotherapy cabin adopts advanced liquid nitrogen system, which can reach the set cryogenic temperature in three minutes. The human body can be exposed to an environment of -80°C to -140°C, and the temperature drop caused by nitrogen vapor can stimulate the body's temperature receptors, thereby promoting the recovery and improvement of the body's blood circulatory system, nervous circulatory system and energy supply system. run.

In order to ensure the health and safety of athletes, Aucma’s cold therapy cabin adopts a full-touch control system, which is convenient and efficient, and can adjust the user’s status at any time. and liquid nitrogen safety.

In terms of internal structure, after many technical comparisons, the soft cabin with laser cutting textile technology is adopted, which is both ergonomic and lightweight. In terms of appearance, the cold therapy cabin has also designed several sets of youthful and sporty appearances, which can be customized according to user needs.

The portable cryogenic cryotherapy cabin independently developed by Aucma will be widely used in various sports teams in my country to fully escort the health and safety of athletes. (Source: China Home Appliance Network)