Industrial Sectors


Aucma's household appliance industry is one of Aucma's core industrial clusters.
The business department is mainly engaged in the design and development, product planning and sales of household refrigeration appliance pruducts such as refrigerator,freezers and wine coolers.
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With the development of people’s living standard, increasing demand to commercial cold chain products was increasing rapidly.
Aucma commercial refrigeration division realized fast growing during the past 10 years and become the leading domestic supplier of commercial refrigeration. 1.2 million units sales was achieved in 2020, covered 30% of annual turnover of Aucma Co. Ltd.
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Aucma Biomedical is a high-tech supplier of medical equipment and experimental equipment that provides samples, vaccines, blood, drug safety storage and biosafety for the medical, scientific research, pharmaceutical and other industries.
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Aucma started the research and development, production and sales of air conditioners and washing machines in 1997.
The products include: central air conditioners, unit air conditioners, multi-connection, household air conditioners, heat pump water heaters, air energy water heaters, heat pump air conditioners, washing machines, clothes dryers, etc.
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Small home appliances

Aucma's small home appliance industry is one of the core pillar industries of Aucma.
The product categories cover more than ten categories such as water heaters, kitchen appliances, household appliances, and environmental appliances.
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As world famous refrigeration equipment supplier, Aucma is one of the global leading manufacturers for Refrigeration, Environmental EV and Household Appliances. Aucma has been No. 1 on domestic sales volume for freezer products consecutively for 18 years till 2013.


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