Selections Standard: 486486, totally 6 rows and 36 coils.
Sales Quantity Number: up to 296
Kind: up to 48 
Function Refrigeration
Rated Voltage AC220V/ 50Hz
Rated Input Power Refrigeration——475W。
Outer dimension 1870mm(H)×863mm(W)×810mm(D)
Products  Length:25~155mm、Width: 25~135mm、Height: 60~225mm
Recognized Money Coin:1Yuan,5Jiao   Bill:1Yuan,5Yuan,10Yuan,20Yuan(Optional)
Net Weight 340KG
Refrigerant R134a
Environment 32℃, 75% relative humidity,( indoor use)

1、Adoption of MDB international standards designed to support a variety of international standard peripherals
2、LED light bar, low-carbon and energy saving to save every penny of your electric charge.
3、Accept various e-payment function, such as city Yicatong, Unionpay, Mobile phone e-wallet etc. Support RS232 computer serial port control of the machine.
4、Support GPRS wireless background management .
5、Microcomputer control system realizes intelligent data query, data statistics, self-diagnosis, etc.
6、Use highly-efficient imported compressor with strong refrigeration effect; Non-CFC refrigerant R134a, much more environment friendly.
7、Refrigeration temperature can be set and checked; The function of timing defrosting can let the machine operate under condition of high temperature and high humidity.
8、With power-off protection, the condition before power failure will be shown after rebooting. The function of memory, leakage protection and overload protection will ensure normal operation of the machine.
9、Unique infrared sensor to check whether selling process is normal or not, which can protect customer's profit and lower the operating costs.