Intelligent cold chain, get fresh in home

Sep28,2015,AUCMA ‘Internet& Cold chain’ tactic news conference was held in Qingdao ceremoniously. The meeting’s member involves Professor in refrigeration, journalist of newspaper and media, refrigeration related company, influential Electric business platform company.
  AUCMA CEO LiWei publish the’ Internet& Cold chain’ tactic’ in the conference, he indicated that we already had all plans in the area of refrigeration, then next we can realize product as follows: pre-refrigerating in original district(refrigerator), cold chain transportation(refrigerator car&electric cold-keeping car),cold chain final reservation(Super market convenient equipment& fresh from the lift& vending machine),household refrigeration products(freezer& refrigerator).With the help of ‘ICM intelligent cold chain management system(use internet big data technology)’,we can realize from the first 1km,long distance transportation, the last 1km to the fresh lifting by people themself. Surly perfect solution it is.
AUCMA CEO LiWei makes presentationand publishes ’ Internet& cold chain’ tactic
  The first 1km,solve difficult reservation from origin
  The time of first 1km starts from harvest to transportation .To ensure its quality and prolong expiration date, we need do pre-refrigeration, package& reservation. The core step is building up refrigeratory in origin. The data shows that in 2014 cold chain market demands increases to 112,000,000ton,22% percent higher than 2013.And in 2014,total amount of refrigeratory is 33,200,000ton(83,000,000stere),36.9% higher than 24,110,000ton in 2013.
AUCMA vice-president Xingqi,Zhang describes the tactic
  There’re big difficulties waiting for solution besides huge amounts of market demands and profits. First, lack of precooling, agriculture products face up to 20~30% damage after harvest. Second, as producing info can’t meets demanding info, many agriculture goods stop selling. So that our The First 1km system solution comes out.
  We AUCMA as a refrigeration equipment producing company with 30 years experience in refrigeration area, have obvious benefits in researching and developing refrigeration unit,Small cold storage system,Large cold storage system.Aucma has features of standardized, modular design, simple installation, we make cold storage engineering products into industrial products.The whole old storage uses the high precision temperature control technology to meet the needs of precooling different fruits and vegetables;Once injecting overall foaming technology, heat preservation performance increases 10%;The application of energy-saving technology, energy saving effect achieves 20% or more.
We AUCMA takes consider of the origin's  fresh recooling market demand, the small fruit and vegetable refrigeratory is particularly popular.This type uses standardized, modular design, allows spicing, installs simply, moves conveniently,  operates reliably, breaks through regional restriction, improves the efficiency of using, greatly reduces the operating costs.In addition, the original circle humidity preservation systems and air conditioning system keeps fresh better.
In addition, for the remote pastoral areas's fresh dairy products, aucma introduced custom products with wind power& solar. Solving the difficult problem of refrigeration in pastoral area at the condition of lacking power.
Secretary general of the China logistics and purchasing committee Qin Yuming delivered a speech
Around the construction of cold storage, at present, AUCMA, relying on continuous innovation in cold storage& refrigeration unit , gradually covers small ordinary refrigerator,middle functional cold storage, large cold storage and other series of refrigerator.Products covered from the cold storage, air controlling, fresh reserving, frozen library, quick-frozen, ultra-low temperature and other library.
We use Internet to control Cold storage,  through the access of AUCMA original "ICM wisdom complete cold-chain management system", the user uses smart APP client (cell phones, computers, PAD)to realize monitoring and controlling of the cold storage position, temperature, humidity, gas composition, fault diagnosis. Which can realize real-time online cold storage of inventory management, order information queries, intelligent distribution, etc.